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Pregnancy & Lactation Tablet

Pregnancy & Lactation Tablet


During pregnancy and lactation, the body needs more vitamins and minerals and proper nutrition plays an important role in increasing the child intelligence and natural growth in the future and also the mother’s health after this period. Citrus fruits, nuts and cores, yogurt, and garlic have essential vitamins and minerals and it is recommended to be included in the diet at this time. Zinc is the most important mineral for the growth of milk glands and health of reproduction system and DNA structure and cellular proliferation. In this period, the body needs minerals such as iron and zinc and vitamin D3 and folic acid and vitamin C. Group B vitamins at adequate amounts will cause an increase in the growth of the embryo’s brain and mental capacity. This product contains water - soluble vitamins including vitamins of group B & C, fat - soluble vitamins like vitamins A ( in beta - carotene formulation for prevention of toxicity of vitamin A ), K, E and D and mineral salts like iron, copper, zinc, magnesium and selenium. It also contains powerful antioxidants like vitamins C and E, zinc, and selenium, which have a positive impact on the health of mother and fetus. This product helps to supply essential vitamins, micro nutrient and minerals during pregnancy and lactation. This product is prescribed for pregnancy and breastfeeding, so avoid taking it in similar cases or recommending it to others. This product is not intended for diagnosis, prevention or treatment of disease, and is not a food substitute.

Advantages of Pregnancy Multivitamin Supplex tablets :
1 - Presence of iron in fumarate formulation
The amount of iron that is absorbable in a supplement product is called elemental iron. The amount of elemental iron in the ferrous fumarate supplement is 33%, in ferrous sulfate 20% and in ferrous gluconate 12%.
Iron fumarate has a better gastrointestinal tolerance.
2 - Better absorption of zinc and less digestive complications by using gluconate salt.
Supply of zinc in zinc gluconate formulation is very good for the body and will be tolerated, and it is absorbed well.
Take notice that people who for a long time have a daily zinc consumption of 50 to 300 mg, can experience impaired iron and copper absorption and face the lack of these two salts in the body. It has been observed that even patients who consume 2g zinc per day for a long time, develop symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain and fever.
In our product, zinc content is 10mg without any negative impact on the absorption of iron and copper.
3 - Since gluconate salt has fewer gastrointestinal side effects, copper was formulated as gluconate in this product. Although copper deficiency in humans is not very common, but should be taken seriously. Copper deficiency in infants and children is more prevalent. Copper deficiency in the body can be caused by a lack of micronutrients and minerals. Anemia caused by copper deficiency is usually indistinguishable from anemia caused by iron deficiency and in this case a detailed examination is in order.

4 - Vitamin A was formulated as beta - carotene in this product.
Since increased vitamin A storage in the body during pregnancy may cause a defect in the embryo, in people who need to use the vitamin A supplement, taking supplements containing beta carotene instead of vitamin A is recommended because beta - carotene in the body will be converted to vitamin A on demand.
5 - 400 units of vitamin D to supply the body’s needs for this vitamin in pregnancy and lactation period.
6 - 800 µg folic acid to supply the body’s needs for this vitamin in pregnancy and lactation period.
5 - In manufacturing this product, the number of ancillary materials in comparison with the other tablets is less and we have tried to use safer materials.

Description :
Folic acid :  Folic acid can reduce the risk of brain and spinal cord defects in the child.
Iron : During pregnancy, the body needs more iron because the blood volume increases to be able to supply the growing fetus’s needs. To avoid the risk of anemia caused by iron deficiency during pregnancy, most women need to receive iron through supplements.
Vitamin A :  Deficiency of this vitamin during pregnancy increases maternal mortality and premature delivery and reduction of the weight of the baby.
Vitamin C :  It acts as an antioxidant and is necessary for the production of collagen and wound healing.
Vitamin E :  It acts as an antioxidant and deals with harmful compounds and prevents pregnancy hypertension and premature birth of baby.
Vitamin B1 :  This vitamin contributes to accelerating the growth and development of the fetus and boots mother’s mental capacity.
Vitamin B2 :  This vitamin is essential in the growth and reproduction.
Vitamin B3 :  This vitamin contributes to fetal brain growth and development. A lack of this vitamin during pregnancy causes severe vomiting of the mother and nervous diseases in the baby.
Vitamin B12 :  This vitamin contributes to the production of red blood cells and also strengthens the nervous system.
Vitamin D :  It has an essential role in bone health for mother and baby.
Biotin vitamin :  It prevents hair loss and fractures of the nails.
Vitamin B5 :  It has an essential role in the health of hair and skin, and the growth and performance of muscles and nerves.
Vitamin K :  Prevention of bleeding.
Copper :  Strengthening the immune system, hemoglobin formation, and antioxidant effect to deal with harmful compounds.
Selenium :  An antioxidant.
Zinc :  Growth and development, boosts immune system.
Magnesium :  It is essential for sustainability of the pregnancy and prevention of hypertension in pregnancy.
Supplement  facts
2mg Betacaroten
Vit A 2500 IU
70mg Vit  C
400IU Vit D
20IU Vit E
70mcg Vit k
3mg Vit B1
2mg Vit B2
20mg Vit B3
10mg Vit B6
6mg Vit B5
6mcg Vit B12
800mcg Folic acid
150mcg Biotin
17mg Iron (fumarate)
150mg Magnesium (hydroxide)
10mg Zinc (gluconate )
30mcg Selenium (sodium selenite)
1mg Copper (gluconate)

Dosage and directions :

The amount of supplements consumption will be designated by the physician on the basis of gender and physical conditions of the person. But the general schedule of consumption of the product shall be as follows:

From what time it can be used in pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the need for vitamins and mineral salts rises and it must be ensured that the daily diet planning meets the required nutrients of a pregnant woman to a large extent. In particular, when the composition of the daily diet planning of a pregnant woman has not the sufficient diversity and balance or the pregnant women, due to repeated pregnancies especially with short intervals, does not have enough bodily reserves, consumption of multivitamin supplements should be recommended. Usually, in developing countries, due to the adverse economic or cultural situation, pregnant women might receive adequate nutrients from the daily diet and in this case supplementation of multivitamin should be considered. The policies associated with the supplementation are put in place by the health authorities of each country with regard to the existing situation and the observance of the national instructions is required.
In our country, based on the national instructions, all pregnant women from the end of the fourth month ( week 16 ) up to three months after childbirth, should receive a simple multivitamin or mineral capsule daily.
It is noteworthy that iron supplementation on pregnant women suffering from Thalassemia is also recommended according to the national instructions like other pregnant women.
In normal conditions, it is recommended that if you need this supplement, it must be consumed at the end of the fourth month up to three months after childbirth. For better results, use it under the supervision of gynecologist.
- Due to the presence of riboflavin ( vitamin B2 ) in this product, the urine may turn to yellow.
- Use the product in accordance with the exact prescription of the physician. Excessive consumption of vitamins including vitamin A, D, E and K will cause toxicity because they are retained in the body.
- Mineral salts such as zinc and iron when consumed together with bran or fibrous foods and foods containing phosphate like milk, will not be absorbed properly and it is better to take them two hours after this supplement.

Before taking this product, consult your physician in the following cases.
  •  If you have a history of allergy to vitamins and other substances such as food, preservatives, and colors.
  •  In the event of consumption with other supplements and vitamins A, D, E and K; due to the possibility of toxicity caused by those vitamins.
Consumption during lactation and pregnancy :
using this product in pregnancy and breastfeeding should be under the supervision of a physician.

Side effects :
In rare occasions, may cause digestive complications.

Toxicity :
In the case of accidental overconsumption of the product, the patient must be immediately transferred to medical centers.
Storage conditions :
 - Keep away from the reach of children.
 - Keep this medication in its box. Store in a cool and dry place away from light, at a temperature of less than 30 degrees Centigrade.